"Express Color Printing has proved to be an outstanding source for quality printing. Their costs are competitive, the quality of their work is excellent, and deadlines are met consistently and efficiently. In addition, the staff is very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with. We highly recommend Express Color Printing to anyone interested in value when they choose a printer."

Jim Heins
Heins Creative, Inc.
Billings, Montana

"My experience with Express Color has been great, they deliver exactly what they promise. At first, I had some fear about dealing with an out of town company when we had established vendors in town. Express Color was as fast and faster than my established vendors, and the service, quality and price were excellent. I am really pleased, and would recommend them to anyone!"

Bob Milam
Viewpont Data Labs
Orem, Utah

"We are very pleased with the work Express Color has done for us. The staff has been a joy to work with; from the initial stages of my laying out a job to the final printing, I always feel my questions and concerns are given careful consideration. And the quality of the final product speaks volumes for the company's professionalism. I never get the feeling their commitment stops when they win the bid for a job."

Brooke Russell
Marketing Assistant
Gibson Acoustic Guitars

"Express Color is your dream vendor. Their customer service, quality and pricing are easily the best we've found in 10 years of business. If all of our vendors were as good as Express Color, I'd spend a lot more time on vacation."

Paul Diamond
Modern Options, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

"Just a note of thanks for the fine service I get from Express Color. As a printing broker it's very important that my suppliers are part of my team. I get quality I can trust from people who treat me like a friend even though I'm 500 miles away. I get the sense that the entire staff is as concerned about my project as I am. Your quick, reliable service and excellent pricing makes me competitive in a very competitive marketplace."

Marc Ogren
Accent Print
Seattle, WA

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