E-mail File Transfer Instuctions

    First of all, please use FTP if the total of all your files is more than 1 megabyte. Email servers will *sometimes* relay emails larger than 1MB but often times the message (and binary attachment) will be truncated, lost or bounced back to the sender if it is lMB or more. Yes, we know it's worked for you before..... What we're saying is that we want your files to get here quickly and without any problems; and after a considerable amount of experience with this we've found that email is OK if it's less than 1MB. Anything more is a great candidate for FTP, or file transfer protocol. FTP will get it here quicker because it's more efficient and has a much better chance of getting accross intact.

    We have our own FTP Server in house which is very friendly for you to log into and upload files. Please consider this even though you may be more familiar with emailing binary attachments.

    Take all the files for the job, including all fonts used in the layout file and included artwork, and put them in a single folder whose name is your Express Color Printing job number.

    Compress the folder as a .zip file using Winzip or PK Zip if it's a Windows platform file. Use Stuffit for the Macintosh platform and BinHex encode the file so that the resource forks of your files are preserved. Your email program probably can do the binhex encoding for you during the process of attaching the file to the email message. If not you can do this with Stuffit Deluxe, a program which is very highly recommended for transferring Mac files over the network. If you have successfully sent binary files to your friends who have Macs then you are probably set up correctly already. If you compress your files using Winzip or Stuffit they will occupy a much smaller space and will take a shorter time to upload. You do have something better to do than watch a slowly moving progress bar, right?


    Send an e-mail to printing@express-color.com with the compressed file included as an attachment. Be sure to let us know in the e-mail text your name, phone number, company name and our job number, and any special instructions we might need to output your job correctly.


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