FTP File Transfer Instuctions

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the fastest way to send large files over the internet directly from your computer to ours. Follow the instructions to insure a successful transfer.

Create a text file named readme.txt with your name, phone number, company name and our job number, and any special instructions we might need to output your job correctly, and include it with your other files.

Take all the files for the job, including all fonts used in the layout file and included artwork, and put them in a single folder whose name is your Express Color Printing job number or your company name.

Compress the folder as a .zip file using Winzip or PK Zip if it's a Windows platform file. Use Stuffit on the Macintosh platform and BinHex encode the file so that your file will retain its resource fork and arrive happily with its icons intact.


Log into our FTP server with an FTP program such as Fetch or Anarchie for Mac or CuteFTP for pc and upload the file. FTP into express-color.com as customer and use upload as the password, or click the botton below to log in with your browser. You can drag your files onto your browser window to upload the files. If your files are extremely large you may want to compress them into several archives such as 1458-1.sit.hqx, 1458-2.sit.hqx, etc. Sometimes it is easier to successfully upload 3 25MB files than it is to upload a single 75MB file.


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